Centro Gives Advertisers Automation and Visualization in Campaign Reports and Work Management

Basis Dashboard

Basis’ redesigned home screen dashboard helps users optimize their work by highlighting client or campaign priorities and informing their decision-making.

Tyler Kelly, president, Centro

“We believe Centro’s position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech reflects how we prioritize the needs of digital marketers,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Centro. “Agencies and advertisers value how our Basis platform seamlessly combines ad orchestration, programmatic capabilities, team collaboration, and wide-views of operations.”

Basis Users Go Remote

95% of Basis users say that Basis has improved their ability to work remotely. We’ve updated our product roadmap to better support our remote user base. Experience enhanced collaboration tools and flexible solutions, with Basis.

CHICAGO, May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Centro (https://www.centro.net), a global provider of advertising technology, today announced the release of new products and upgrades that help advertisers with automation and visualization for campaign reporting, workflow management and forecasting. The advanced tools give brands and agencies more control of their campaigns. These are available in Centro’s Basis, the industry’s most comprehensive, automated, and intelligent digital media platform—and the only software solution of its kind to consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, search, and social campaigns. Learn more at https://www2.centro.net/basis.

Digital media professionals showcase results and prioritize actions through these product upgrades within Basis:

  • Campaign Performance Presentation auto-generates a polished PowerPoint showing post- or mid- campaign performance data from direct buying, programmatic advertising, paid search and paid social—in just a few clicks. The presentations’ branding is customizable to align with the user’s company or client. This dramatically reduces the time needed to collect, organize and prepare data for “wrap-up” reports.
  • Basis is now connected with Google Data Studio—a reporting tool for creating highly customizable, branded, live reports or dashboards with data visualizations. Campaign data from agencies and media teams easily port into it, which is shared with stakeholders online, streamlining communications related to campaign progress. Centro also provides custom templates.
  • Basis’ redesigned home screen dashboard helps users optimize their work by highlighting client or campaign priorities and informing their decision-making. One interface draws attention to the user’s necessary actions by showing an overview of proposals, insertion orders, line item pacing, campaign KPIs, comments from partners and clients, and more.
  • Forecasting analyzes a campaign’s set-up to instantly predict how many impressions are available and how much the user will be able to spend (based on KPIs) in programmatic ad channels. Users are empowered to build smarter media plans, distribute budgets accurately, and make campaign adjustments quickly.

“Connecting Basis to Google Data Studio is a game-changer for media teams and agencies that want to showcase their value. Rather than spending time transferring data from one system to another, our team is focused on communicating insights and results to our clients,” said Sarah Bergen, ad operations specialist, VI Marketing and Branding. “VI Marketing was an early adopter of Basis because it empowers us to build strong digital media capabilities differentiated by automation, comprehensiveness, agility and intelligence.”

“Centro’s product development balances the need for agencies to have powerful and scaled ad buying and activation with automated execution and workflow of all the other important elements of their business,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Centro. “Our latest additions to Basis focus on visualization, to make it faster and easier for media professionals to comprehend what is happening in their business— and synthesize their knowledge into insights for their clients or advertising stakeholders.”   

Value to customers
Without automation, tasks such as reporting, creating presentations, media planning and campaign adjustment are typically manual processes that are both time-consuming and prone to errors. Adding visualization to these tasks enhances the quality of work users put into campaigns. The latest Basis improvements add to its qualities in delivering data in a simple and easy-to-understand manner via dashboards, performance screens, business and campaign insights, private marketplace details, tactic editors and more.

About Centro
Centro (https://www.centro.net[3]) is a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising organizations. Its technology platform, Basis, is the first of its kind SaaS advertising solution unifying programmatic and direct media buying, along with workflow automation, cross-channel campaign planning, universal reporting and business intelligence. It boosts media, team and business performance by enabling advertisers to plan, buy and analyze real-time bidding (RTB), direct, search and social campaigns in a single platform. Headquartered in Chicago with 44 offices covering North America, South America and Europe, Centro has received numerous accolades for its commitment to employees and workplace culture.

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