PR Plan & Sample Press Release Templates get FREE Media Exposure

Every day editors set aside space for press releases about products, services, events and news — why not yours?

Menu-driven from start to finish, Publicity Builder’s organized system manages a collection of pre-written and formatted templates that you can easily customize using MS Word. If you can’t yet afford a professional PR firm to do it for you, why wait when you can do so much on your own with PublicityBuilder! It’s been proven by business owners and PR professionals worldwide to get media exposure and build sales.

Saf-T-Man -- Public relations management software with sample press releases
“Publicity Builder helped us obtain over $6 million in free publicity in the nation’s leading TV shows, magazines and almost every major newspaper in the country… Publicity Builder was incredibly easy to use. We simply faxed our press release and the media and distributors started calling us like crazy.”
~ Christian LesStrang, President, FunFlatable Products Company, Inc. (makers of Safe-T-Man)

(Safe-T-Man is a rubber man to place where you need the appearance of a strong man to deter thieves, etc.)

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